We're a small family farm located just outside of Pacific City, on Oregon's North Coast. Sitka Sedge Farm produces humanely-and-sustainably-raised specialty eggs, fine meats and quality livestock.




an agricultural implement with teeth or tines

for gathering cut grass, hay, or the like or for

smoothing the surface of the ground.


t o   s c r a p e   t o g e t h e r  ;   t o   s e a r c h . 


We started this farm with a determination to feed people good food produced by happy and healthy animals, and with one antique bow rake. Our iconic bow rake is a symbol of humbleness and perseverance. That rake helped shape our farm, in more ways than one. It reminds us daily where we came from and we hope it reminds you that where there is a will there is a way, 
e v e n   i f   y o u   h a v e   t o   s c r a p e   i t   t o g e t h e r .



We love our animals, and we think that happy, well-cared-for animals produce better food. So, we raise our animals ethically, using sustainable practices and humane principals.

Our animals enjoy spacious, clean, dry, predator-proof enclosures, and daily outside access with room to free-forage and behave naturally on two forested acres. We provide enrichment to encourage engagement in natural behaviors, and we feed nutritious, varied diets.



We're able to maintain a healthy and natural environment for our animals by utilizing sustainable practices, including:

-keeping small, genetically-diverse populations
-raising productive and efficient dual-purpose animals
-enforcing strict hygiene and biosecurity measures
-eradicating invasive plant species and replacing them with Pacific Northwest varietal berries
-promoting the growth of non-toxic native plant species
-growing our own organic fodder
-keeping our animals clean, dry and comfortable with pine bedding milled in the Pacific Northwest
-composting all of our animal bedding into rich garden mulch
-Supplementing our animals nutritious diets with spent grain from a local craft brewery

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